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Companies that use TQ Logistics’ dedicated trucking services do so for many different reasons.  Let us customize a plan for you to grow your bottom line!

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Companies that use TQ Logistics’ dedicated trucking services do so for many different and varying business reasons:
  • Allows you to focus on your core business
    Control transportation costs
  • Fulfill customer on-time delivery expectations
  • Guaranteed capacity to ship your product in any freight environment
  • Display your company logo/brand on highly visible equipment
  • Transfers primary liability of operating trucks on public roads
  • Remove fleet management duties and truck maintenance headache
  • Transfer the burden of regulatory compliance
  • Leverage technology to improve transportation efficiency
  • Allows capital resources to be used in your business, not in trucks and trailers
  • Cut employee head count and related employee benefit expenses by not hiring drivers, dispatchers, managers, and mechanics
  • Reduce management responsibility by leveraging the dedicated transportation modelTQ Logistics makes nearly 10,000 deliveries every week and does so with on-time service levels that exceed 99.4%.

Dedicated Full Truckload (FTL)

Manufacturers and shippers that require moves of large quantities of product(s) to customers or within a distribution network find the reliability and consistency of TQ Logistics’ dedicated (contract carrier) trucking to be superior to the service and rate irregularity in the common carrier transportation model.

Dedicated Less-Than-Truckload (LTL)

If your business services a large number of customers with smaller shipments on a consistent basis within specific geographic areas; TQ Logistics dedicated trucking offers consistency and reliability while providing the specialized delivery services that your customers require.

On-Site Transportation Management

Dedicated trucking is a partnership between TQ Logistics and the customer.  Our staff often works in and among your staff but are dedicated to the safe and efficient movement of your products.  We become an extension of your management team but are self-directed to execute your transportation strategies.

Dedicated Shuttle/Line Haul

Daily movements of raw materials and/or finished goods between manufacturing facilities, distributions centers, or warehouses is the perfect application for a dedicated fleet – on the yard, short-haul trips, or line haul movements.

Trailer Spotting/Yard Management

For manufacturers and distribution centers that seek to maximize efficiency in production and utilization, look to TQ Logistics dedicated trucking to run your yard/lot operation.

Private Fleet Conversions

Many companies that have historically operated their own fleet are now evaluating whether it makes sense to continue to do so. TQ Logistics provides a turn-key solution to converting a private fleet to outsourced dedicated transportation.

Just-In-Time (JIT) Service

For companies with an inventory strategy aimed at increasing return on investment by reducing the carrying cost of inventory, TQ Logistics can deliver time-sensitive goods in specific delivery windows.

Desktop Delivery Service

When a customer doesn’t have an ideal receiving set-up, TQ Logistics can custom-tailor deliveries to a exact desk/lab/location on a particular floor within a specific building.

Shipment Tracking / Inventory Replenishment

TQ Logistics has experience with various transportation management systems and can accommodate the specific needs of our customers. Leveraging technology allows the ability to dispatch drivers, track deliveries, keep inventories at optimal levels, and replenish stock in an automated environment.

Inbound / Outbound Load Development

The highly experienced management team at TQ Logistics can develop and implement load planning strategies that reduce costs and improve efficiencies. In some cases, revenue sharing between TQ Logistics and our dedicated partner can generate supplemental income for both parties.

Warehouse / Cross-Dock Services

Efficient supply chains often involve warehousing and/or cross-docking services to break inbound freight and build outbound loads. TQ Logistics can leverage existing facilities or secure the appropriate facility to get the job done in the most efficient manner (volume and capacity required are the determining factors in the strategy for each individual customer).

Transportation Technology

Integration of technology to is mission critical to maximizing productivity. Routing, dispatch, communications, ELD’s, GPS, navigation, and onboard event recorders are the tools TQ Logistics uses to ensure safety and efficiency are the focus.